“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Oprah Winfrey

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Hi, I'm Magdalena

I am a coach, facilitator and project manager. I am curious and never afraid to ask difficult questions. I listen compassionately, helping you navigate rough waters of uncertainty, to find the calm and path forward to the shoreline.


Every person has extraordinary potential to reach their personal greatness! And they hold the power of unleashing it to play big in the world.

How I Can Help

I get it, we often get bogged down in the routine of life, forget our purpose and feel uninspired. Through coaching, you will rediscover your natural gifts and talents, align them with your values and get back on course to live purposefully. 


I specialize in the arenas of leadership, team building and personal development. Through coaching, I help you to play big wholeheartedly, set goals and actions to live your impossible dreams.


Magdalena thoughtfully guided me through 4 coaching sessions that helped me clarify my immediate career goals. Together, we framed my current position so that I can better tap into my talents and strengths and be more creatively fulfilled where I am right now.

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